Monday Mash-up -2

MondayYes it’s that time of the week again…. time for Monday Mash-up.  So here are a few posts that have grabbed my attention from around the net for various reasons……. please enjoy

Changing what’s wrong to what’s strong over at Positive Psychology News… a great post looking at the difference between deficit based approaches to psychology and health based approaches….. I much prefer a health based approach, but check it out for yourself.

3 Steps for building self confidence: It’s not what you think over at Pick the Brain (a guest post byFarouk Radwan is the founder of 2KnowMyself) an interesting take on building self confidence.

What to do when you’ve been insulted over at Men with Pens… an insightful look at “reading” emotions in email and how it can lead you astray… sobering thoughts.

Just do it anyway… a familiar theme on this blog with posts like this one, but Paul is far more tactful over at Diary for Life, so go check out his taken on getting things done.

7 Truths you may be running from over at PluginID… if you ever needed a post that caused you take a good long hard look at yourself.. I suggest this may the one.

So theres the Monday Mashup for 3 May 2010!