Whose beast?

What purpose is courage,
when it is won
and celebrated,
in the misery of others?

defined by a choice
to “go in”…
or not go in,
before the need to
to “go in”?

to challenge your fear,
for the purpose,
for the value
of another,
to face fear,
to spite and tame
the beast.

you freeze,
in fear,
in the face of the same purpose,
but the absence
of the beast.

Whose beast
needs taming?

It is that.

It is that,
which should not be there.
In the lightshade of a restaurant,
the windowsill of a shop.
That reminds,
brings forward more
than a thought;
A yearning,
an ache.
A vision of that
which hovered
above you in those last
That still connects.