Something to Share?

I know that YOU have something interesting to say. Lets face it you are just as unique and interesting as the next person (OK More so….we are all entitled to an opinion :-] )

I would love for you to submit a quest post to this site. Guest posting gives the readers fresh perspectives beyond what I can provide. I also learn a lot from the writing of others, so don’t be shy YOU have nothing to lose by sending me a proposal for a guest post.

Here are two reasons why you may want to write guest posts for this blog:

  1. You want to help people through your writing

This blog is about living a resilient life, so I would obviously like guest posts to relate to this subject, and like your post to provide value to people seeking to build resilience into their life.

Am I going to tell you how to do that… you’re kidding… I’m looking for new and interesting ways to explore personal growth and the challenges that life throws at us, so I’m willing to explore your approach to life (even if you’re approach is clearly different to mine, after all that is how we have a conversation and help each other out)

  1. You will get exposure for your work

I can’t guarantee you exposure to a gazillion new readers, (but we can dream together, and who knows we might actually manage to attract at least a few extra readers to each others blogs).

Since your guest posts include links to your work (such as your blog, or at least they should!), it means that your work will get exposure to people you may not have reached otherwise, and if they like your post, hopefully they’ll jump on over to your blog.

Of course, there are some guidelines for the post. The post must:

  • Be Original

It can’t be a post already published on your own blog or anywhere else before. In other words, it must be a new post. (it doesn’t mean you cannot re-purpose some existing content.. it just needs to have a new spin on it, so that it has clearly had a spit and polish before being put in the showroom :-] )

  • Length?


I’m prepared to explore posts of varying lengths. …short and snappy, I’m happy, but if it’s long with punch, people will just have to read it over lunch…..

  • At most 50 words bio

You may include links to your work here. Please put the bio at the end of the post. I will write my introduction at the beginning, and do my bit to help add some pizzaz!

  • No affiliate links

I know you may be trying to monetize your blog…. hopefully by driving some extra traffic your way you can capitalise on your affiliate links when they hit your site.

  • Accepting or rejecting

I reserve the right to edit the posts as needed (for example, to fix spelling or grammar errors, that is the ones that I find as an un-edumacted knumskull, so I won’t be too picky) and to reject posts that I feel are not appropriate for this site. (as I said above.. happy to explore some REALLY different perspectives…..)

Feel free to tell me about your idea before you start writing as I don’t want to waste your time because I know how valuable it is!. Please send your submissions or ideas to mick(at) themickmorris (dot) com