Missing words

A few posts back I wrote about cascading words and how sometimes it is impossible to stop the words flowing… But sometimes words fly by and it’s impossible to capture them and when it happens…they taunt…. This is that process.

Missing words

Briefly through my mind
Then hard to find
Trying to recall that line
The rhythm
The meaning
Suddenly lost for all time.

Cascading Words


Cascading words

I don’t know where they come from
Yet still they come.
Sometimes half formed
Sometimes fully done.

They spring into my mind,
Pushing their way through
Sometimes with a fight
Or sometimes bright, shiny and new.

Sometimes it’s a drought,
Sometimes they come in streams,
Like the rivers of my unconscious thoughts
Or the visions of my dreams.

Sometimes a word or two
Or maybe a full line
Sometimes stumbling prose
But often arriving in rhyme.

Sometimes polished, sometimes not
Sometimes extremely raw
But until they are written down
They gnaw and gnaw and gnaw.

Every now and then,
They come in a blinding rage,
Demanding to be heard,
They fall upon the page.

Cascading word,
After word,
After word.