How to extend a helping hand.

Help for others?

Helping yourself to get started

Starting any new undertaking, figuring out how to help yourself and getting proficient at it takes time. Living in the information age it is easy to sit down google what you are looking for and find a MILLION answers that you then have to sift through and try and make sense out of.

Making the right choice

If you are fortunate you will be immediately able to identify who the lead thinkers are in any given field. More likely you will be overwhelmed with choice.

When you start looking at a field like blogging and all of the associated intricacies you will literally be swamped with advice and a million choices is a gross underestimate.

However, one excellent part of the social media is exactly that, it IS social.

Using social media forums

By hanging around in a few forums (like the one’s at The InfoPreneur, The Third Tribe, Problogger etc) you  get to engage with people and see who is actually doing the things that you are interested in, and doing them well.

One of the people I have met through being social in forums like these is Derek Halpern, Derek has figured out how to help himself by helping others and is providing some great content over at Social Triggers, like his post on ways to increase customer satisfaction.

I had a great skype call with Derek to look at a few things around my blog and to take some pointers from Derek. Derek delivered some great value during our call and I am sure that I am going to make some improvements based on that call.

So if you want to help yourself, taking a leaf out Derek’s book, providing value is a great way to achieve it.

Your experience?

What is your experience at getting help by helping yourself, and who is delivering good value to you from meeting them in social media forums?

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