YOUR Empire starts with one step!

Empire Building Kit

One Step….and then another and then another and so on.

Building your empire requires you to make a CHOICE

Come on you know you want your own empire. You want to be King/Queen Emporor/Emporess of your own realm. (if you don’t then give up here, there is no point reading on)

NO this is not a push from me to turn you into the next six figure blogger (unless of course that is what you want your empire to be). If you are like most people, inlcuding me, floating around on the blogosphere you have a “real” job and you are building your online presence alongside it for whatever reason. You may be a small business operator, you might be in a service delivery business. Does this matter………apparently not.

An opportunity exists to learn how a person with a dog walking business is making that six figure income, to find ways of building your existing (or dream) business to give you a realistic income, to get support to do it from someone with a proven history of helping other people succeed, and to be guided along the path every day for a year.

However, taking that first step requires that you make a choice. Every choice that we make in life has a timeframe attached to it. Sometimes an opportunity arises to make a choice in a short time frame and Chris Guillebeau has provided you with just this opportunity.

His Empire Building Kit (affiliate link) is open for a very short time only.

I have made the choice to have Chris help me build my empire

I saw the launch… I went and had a look… I signed up….

But more than that I went and took a sneek preview at all that was available within the program so that I had a good idea what was ahead of me… and as they say  I’m excited!

So at $149 for a 365 days plan of attack  (plus lots of added bonuses), can you afford to choose NOT to invest in having someone help you build the pathway to your empire?

Go on.. leap on over to  and buy your Empire Building Kit

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