Become part of the tribe.

I know you want to get better at what you do, whether that is using social media for marketing your bricks and mortar business or whether it is trying to build up you online marketing presence for your blog, we all do.

If you have been on the net and blogging for any length of time then you will have heard of Chris Brogan,Brian Clark, Sonia Simone, Darren Rowse … yeah that’s right some of the gurus (even though they don’t like that title) of this blogging game, but also absolute entrepreneurs with a TON experience to share.

How much would you pay to get coaching by these guys? Truth is most of us simply could not afford it on an ongoing basis, because even a few sessions would cost us a small fortune (Don’t believe me…. go look up ANY business coach and see how much their hourly rate is.

How do you do that at an affordable rate?

How would you like to access expert tips, tactics and feedback from those experts,  without breaking the bank?

You can do it by joining the third tribe (affiliate link).

Why am I promoting this program?

It is simple…. I was an early adopter I got on board this great community very close to when it was launched.  At that stage the price was significantly less than it is today, and I was reluctant about whether I would get any true value from subscribing.

That reluctance was quickly overcome. Why? Simply because from day one the featured content that I had access to started to make a difference to how I was thinking about what I do, and I have learned way more than the value of the subscription rate from the featured content alone.

However,  the Third Tribe forums are great and not only do you get responses from Chris Brogan,Brian Clark, Sonia Simone, Darren Rowse, you also get great feedback and support from a huge number of other content and subject matter experts.

It is only fair to warn you that the price of the subscription has gone up twice since I joined the Third Tribe. But as more people have joined the Third Tribe so has the value of the discussion that goes on in the forums.

If you are not certain that joining the Third Tribe is for, you can try out the Third Tribe free for 30 days…. the process is fully explained over at the third tribe site. As at 1 June 2010 if you join the Third Tribe you get to ……..

Try Out Third Tribe and Keep Over 10 Hours of Seminar Content

you get instant access to over 10 hours of in-depth audio seminars, along with transcripts and next-action worksheets:

  • Product Launch Strategies: What Always Works and What’s Working in 2010
    Jeff Walker & Sonia Simone
  • How to Get Your Customers to Do Your Best Marketing for You
    John Jantsch & Chris Brogan
  • Email Marketing Strategies that Work
    Sonia Simone & Brian Clark
  • Action Email: Copywriting Tips for Insanely Effective Email Marketing
    Dave Navarro & Sonia Simone
  • Internet Business Models: Part One – the Problogger model
    Darren Rowse & Brian Clark
  • Internet Business Models: Part Two – the Chris Brogan model
    Chris Brogan & Sonia Simone
  • Internet Business Models: Part Three – the Copyblogger model
    Brian Clark & Sonia Simone
  • Internet Business Models: Part Four – the Zen Habits model
    Leo Babauta & Darren Rowse
  • The Quick Start Guide to Making Money Online
    Johnny Truant & Sonia Simone
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing with Social Media and SEO
    Brian Clark & Glenn Allsopp

Join for the content, Stay for the conversation

The featured content is well worth your subscription, but if you come and join me at the Third Tribe I’m sure you will hang around for the value of the conversation that occurs in the Tribe forums.

How do you get a 24/7 access to all this for an attractive price?

You get 24/7 access to the featured content and a community of people to help solve your problems  for the attractive price of $97 per month (which is less that a one hour session with a business coach or consultant) by joining me in the Third Tribe. Just remember the subscription price has already gone up twice an could go up again as the value of the conversations inside the Tribe continues to grow.


OK  I’m going to make a little bit of money when you join via my affiliate links, so I want to give you something of extra value as well. If you join via my affiliate link I will help to promote your blog/business by conducting  and posting an interview with you or hosting a suitable guest post from you. What value is that? Well that depends. It has as much value as WE can create out of it.

Come and join me in the Third Tribe community and let’s apply some of the lessons together.