Hi Folks… looks like being an early adopter has bitten me on the BUM at the moment… I have upgraded to WP3.0 and it has messed up my links,  internal links don’t seem to be working and if you are using IE has caused some huge font problems…….

UPDATE… seems I have managed to fix the links problem..BUT all tweetmeme data is gone so every post is showing ZERO tweets all post rank data is also out of whack]…I am having problems accessing some areas of the control panel, such as custom file editor…..

I am not the only one experiencing problems with the upgrade…. and I am sure some bright spark in the WP community will have things sorted real soon.

IF YOU HAVE A WORDPRESS SITE….. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR DO NOT UPGRADE TO 3.0 YET….WAIT FOR THE MULTITUDE OF PROBLEMS TO BE RESOLVED. (if you want to see h0w many problems it is causing have a look at the support forums page over at

Until then PLEASE be patient…