The ONLY thing you need to know

The only thing you need to know

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What is the only thing you need to know? Well that depends on what the question is really about doesn’t it.

This blog is about turning life’s crap into fertilizer, but what does that mean and how do I explain it?

To get the background about how this blog came to be you will need to read so how did I get here.

If you want to know the values that underpin why this mission is important to me you please read A choice to support a candidate, or you could have a look at are you suffering self-development overload?

Choice is a bit of a recurring theme on this blog, so you might also like to check out the posts about making choices.

Problem solving is a subject that also makes frequent appearances within the posts some examples of these types of posts are..solving your biggest problem and when to cut them loose

In fact there a quiet a few themes that keep surfacing on this blog. Although the important thing for me is that the blog is delivering content that YOU would like to read and that YOU would find useful. There is only one way I can do that… that is to encourage you to work your way through a number of the posts and leave comments about what the posts bring out in you and then get in touch with me to let me know if there is some other topics you would like me to cover.


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5.5 places to feed your brain

5.5 sites to feed your brain

Feeding your brain by brain_blogger @flickr

Everyone is busy … but regardless of how busy we are we all need places to head to in order to feed our brain and keep our mental faculties renewed and nourished. Everyone has different needs but I thought I would share with you five places that I recommend to feed your brain .

1. Life Coach Blog: The Discomfort Zone

This Blog is part of Tim Brownson’s overall site A Daring Adventure. Both of the hyperlinks are accurate descriptions of what Tim delivers.

His blog posts are always informative, always thought-provoking and really do challenge you to step outside your own comfort zone into the Discomfort Zone, which we all know is where the real growth occurs. Tim helps you to get going on your own daring adventure.

What I also love about Tim [but be careful, don’t let him know I said that, if you drop by his site and leave a comment 🙂 ] is his broader commitment to delivering to people who are not in a position to use his services, this is evidenced by his work on the How to be Rich and Happy project.

2.  Tiny Buddha

This site delivers great advice in short but powerful pieces. As the name suggests these pieces are inspired by Buddhist thinking, but no matter what religious or other background you come from these pieces are thought-provoking. Even a few minutes a day contemplating the great content this delivers can make a huge difference to how you look at the world on a day-to-day basis.

3.  Indexed

Jessica Hagy uses a couple of typical diagrams over and over again, but they are NEVER the same thing.You may think that you are  familiar with Venn Diagrams and other such tools, but Jessica uses just a few words on these diagrams that often send your brain scattering thinking about the implications of what you have just observed. This site is simple but packs a powerful punch.

4. White Hot Truth

Danielle Laporte clearly demonstrates that she is a keen observer of the human condition, and she has a way with her observations that some times just bowl you over.

5. Psychotactics

It is only fair that I recommend this one with a warning! WARNING..SEAN IS ADDICTIVE.  If you visit this site and look around at Seans free stuff you will be struck by how it will change your thinking. Sean has a few different sites that feed off of this one (and a couple of different membership sites). The bottom line is this site is an entre into a world that contains some pretty amazing information to help you transform your business as well as becoming a part of an incredibly supportive community.

What about site 5.5?

I don’t think I need to list and describe that one…. you’re already here 🙂

I’d love to know what sites provide your brain with the most nourishment, let me know by leaving a comment!

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Monday Mash-up -2

MondayYes it’s that time of the week again…. time for Monday Mash-up.  So here are a few posts that have grabbed my attention from around the net for various reasons……. please enjoy

Changing what’s wrong to what’s strong over at Positive Psychology News… a great post looking at the difference between deficit based approaches to psychology and health based approaches….. I much prefer a health based approach, but check it out for yourself.

3 Steps for building self confidence: It’s not what you think over at Pick the Brain (a guest post byFarouk Radwan is the founder of 2KnowMyself) an interesting take on building self confidence.

What to do when you’ve been insulted over at Men with Pens… an insightful look at “reading” emotions in email and how it can lead you astray… sobering thoughts.

Just do it anyway… a familiar theme on this blog with posts like this one, but Paul is far more tactful over at Diary for Life, so go check out his taken on getting things done.

7 Truths you may be running from over at PluginID… if you ever needed a post that caused you take a good long hard look at yourself.. I suggest this may the one.

So theres the Monday Mashup for 3 May 2010!

#TMMM Monday Mashup


Before you get going on this post…. please be patient… I have had a layout explosion whilst making some changes to the site!  I am working on on repairing these, but have had to go with a minimalist skin while I seek to repair the damage done..  So unfortunately the site looks a bit out of joint and not how I would like it to look.  However….. please enjoy the content and head back here soon to check out what we really look like (if I have not pulled out what little hair I have left while trying to solve the problem!)

We are going to give the Monday Mashup a try and see what happens.

Monday mash-ups will include some links that I have found interesting over the preceding week. So here goes…..

13 Strategies to jump start your productivity over at Stepcase Lifehack.

While everyone has tips to get you going this is a great collection of tips and advice to actually arm you with skills to actually do what has been advocated here before … skills to Just F****N do it.

7 Truths you may be running from over at PluginID

Awareness had been a constant theme of posts here, but Bud has put together a thought provoking list of things that may actually be holding people back. Making yourself aware of these issues provides a chance to confront them.

Can you serve two masters over at

This post is a really grounding reflection on the often contradictory goals that we seek to attain in life, and the havoc that attempting to serve two masters can produce in our lives.

An interview with Rabbi Alan Laurie over at The Heart of Business

I will have to let this interview speak for itself…inspiring.

So there you have it The Mick Morris Musing Monday Mash-up #1 (mmmmm)

Let me know if you like it, and if you found any of these posts interesting.

image by Robert Couse-Baker