Business interests,
Banks interests,
Retail interests,
Industry interests,
Mining interests,
Economic interests,
Governments interests,
Department interests,
Companies interests.
but who is governing for yours or my bloody interests?

Always ask in whose interest?
But, to do so YOU must be interested,
Sure, be disaffected, disappointed,
hold them in disdain, or wish they were all arrested,
but you cannot afford disinterest.

Open your eyes, your ears, your heart and your mind,
look beyond the impress of main stream press,
you might just find that there is plenty of interest,
in whose interests
are being served, by those who proclaim an interest
in your interests,
while making interest
out of your disinterest.

Show your distress, make a noise,
write an email, a letter or post,
stand up, hit the street, protest.
Never lose sight, of yours, your mates,
your neighbours, your communities interests.

Think,take time, give time, help redress,
the imbalance of interests.
Deciding who will govern best,
before you cast your vote, put it through this test.
Whose interests,
will they serve best?

Then take your vote, and invest
in those that will serve the whole of your communities interests,
not just the narrow power or profit interests
of those who previously made their interest
out of your disinterest.

Be interested in interests!

An Inspiring Person

Sally Pearson - Inspiring

Much gets said about a lot of sports people, including a lot of hyperbole about sports people being “heroes”, but how many of them are truly inspiring people?

Tonight I watched one of my favourite TV programs Q and A, where the debate covered many of the problems that come along with this hero worship. To be honest I was appalled by a lot of the debate and apologist stance put forward by some for the behaviour of some elite sports people.

Then I swapped over to watch the Commonwealth games and had a very stark contrast presented. Several days ago there was a LOT of coverage about the disqualification of Sally Pearson in the womens 100M sprint. During the fall out of that event Sally demonstrated all of the qualities that we really should look for in our role models.

Sally Pearson displayed NO malice towards the officials and other athletes that were involved in her disqualification and spoke to them clearly communicating her understanding that, as devastated as she was about losing the Gold Medal she was OK and it was nothing personal.

Tonight Sally ran in the final of the 100M Hurdles where she came out victorious, claiming the Gold Medal. The TV footage shows her emotional, but then immediately sharing the moment with her competitor who had secured the Bronze medal.

Sally did her lap of honour and then headed in for the media interview. When asked about the circumstances leading up to tonight she said she just had to put it behind her and concentrate on the task at hand. Sally was showing true resilience, passion and persistence.

What truly inspired me however was her absolute awareness of what her position means. She said if as an elite athlete she inspires one child to get out there and get active and healthy she has done her job. She then encouraged all kids to get ou there and participate in Little Athletics, promoting participation in her chosen sport at the junior level.

She then spoke about the importance of her family and looking forward to celebrating with them.

Sally Pearson demonstrated true strength of character, determination, passion and commitment and proved that she can be admired as an elite athlete and as a truly inspiring individual.

There are a lot of elite sports people (and for that matter a lot of people in general) who would do well to get off their pedestal and take a leaf out of Sally’s example.

Who has ever inspired you, like Sally did tonight? Let us know in the comments.

What the hell is this about?

That is a great question! What the hell is the Mick Morris Musing about?

Let me tell you face to face…… what you’re not in Australia and it’s the middle of the night where you are… don’t worry put on the coffee and I’ll drop around …OK stop panicking about the mess, I’m joking.

The best way to tell you what this blog is really about (and something I should have done at the start!) is to let video do the talking for me. After today this video will be up on the ABOUT page… but for now…

Ok… what did you think of the video? Let me know in the comments (remember this is how I am going to find you as well!), and do you think I should add the occasional video post here to mix things up a bit?

Win part of your ultimate reading list.

A Stack of Books

Just recently I was involved in an exchange of posts at this great site, where a number of people mentioned our growing reading lists,  and the size of the pile of books that are building up, waiting to be read.

What struck me when reflecting on my reading and the book pile was how many of the books that I have already read (and are waiting in my pile) are as the direct result of bucket loads of money from the publishers to review them of recommendations from friends, colleagues etc.

I like to read very widely, on a broad range of topics, and I love to learn, and I’m open to exploring new topics if they offer something interesting.

Reflecting on this set me off thinking about what would constitute my ultimate reading list (apart from the titles that are part of the pile waiting to be read) for the next 12 months.

What do I need to form this ultimate reading list?  Your recommendations (publishers please note… still willing to accept those large piles of cash).

In exchange for your recommendations, I’d like to give YOU the chance to win a part of your ultimate reading list. HOW?

Post a comment below, telling me what your recommendation is (Title, Auth0r and if you know it the publisher) and why you are recommending it.  In your comment also tell me what book is a part of your ultimate reading list that you have yet to purchase (Title, Author etc).

In 14 days I will review all the recommendations and pick one comment to win a part of their ultimate reading list, I will purchase that book and post it to wherever in the world that person is located…..

So lets build an ultimate reading list together………..get commenting!

(this posts image by Austinevan at Flickr)

Teaching fishing – Lifes Parallels

Fishing for lifes lessons

I have had my girls out fishing with me, trying to teach them the art of threading their bait, casting, PATIENCE, when to strike, what to keep and what to throw back.

While having them fishing and talking to them about the many aspects of fishing, I was struck by the parallels of fishing to life in general.

Selecting and presenting the bait.

To catch a fish you have to know what to use, and you have to know how to present the bait to the fish to entice them to bite.  Life is also like this. You have to learn what makes other people tick, you have to know how to present information to them in a way that makes it attractive to them and entices them to take the information.

This can only be achieved by studying people in their environment and learning what encourages them, what distracts them, what spooks them and how do you imitate these various triggers to motivate them to cooperate with you in life.

But you also have to know these things about yourself….. otherwise you may be taking the bait presented by someone else, and you might find yourself hooked!


Casting involves a fine art of learning a series of steps and getting them in the right order at the right time to put your bait in the right place, ie where the fish are. Sometimes this is in the open, sometimes in and around the snags, sometimes in the deep, sometimes in the shallow.

Deciding where you are going to aim your life is like casting. If you are always aiming for the clear calm waters you may be missing many chances to catch a lot of life’s opportunities.

Opportunities are often in places you would not expect to find them, so sometimes you need to be in life’s shallows, sometimes you need to be in lifes’ muddy waters, sometimes you need to be in and around the snags in life to see them.


I have written before about patience, and the fact that it is not a passive pursuit, but rather an active and engaging process.

When fishing you really must be working at your patience. One thing kids love to do is to be casting and winding in….over and over and over again. It takes a while for them to appreciate that after you cast you have to have a period of patience. You need to allow time for the bait to settle where it needs to be and for the fish to become aware of it, and to assess whether it looks enticing enough to take a bite of.

Sometimes the length of time needed to exercise patience is short, sometimes it is lengthy but you need to be actively engaged in the act of patience and constantly aware of what is happening around you or you will never know …..

When to strike

Some species of fish are aggressive and attack the bait, some are fidgety and will nibble without too many clues that they are there, even though they are nibbling away at your bait.

If you strike to quick you can miss your fish by failing to set the hook, if you take too long you can be left with and empty hook and no bait.

Life’s opportunities are like this too. If you are too eager you might strike too early and snatch defeat from the jaws of success, if you wait too long others may have eaten up the opportunity and left you waiting on an empty hook.

Lets face it in life we are going to act too early or wait too long on a lot of occasions. But by being open to continual learning you will help improve the number of times you do manage to get the strike time just right, and when you do you also need to know….

What to keep and what to throw away

When fishing there are things like bag limits to let you know how many of what type of fish you are allowed to keep, how big the fish need to be to be legal etc.

It is also a great idea to limit what you keep  to what you need (within legal limits). Fish that are undersized should be thrown back, to help keep the system growing and make sure that there are fish still there for the future.

Learning what to keep and what to throw away are also vital to a successful life. If you keep everything your life becomes cluttered with too many things, you may also be stopping others from enjoying opportunities. By only keeping what you need you keep the options open for future opportunities and you keep your resources available for the future.

I love fishing, I love my kids and I love finding lessons like this while doing things I enjoy…..

What activities do you use to provide lessons in life for the ones you love?