Maintaining the rage



There are some things that have been consistent parts of our lives… and it’s only when an anniversary and article like the one linked to below pops up that you consider how long and how much they have been influencing parts of your life.

Rage’s influence on the Australian music scene is undeniable. The ritual of watching, listening, learning and exploring our culture through the program is one that fans across the country have done for decades at weird hours of the day and night. Rage is also often the first place that Australian artists are able to reach a national audience by submitting their videos.

RAGE! is one of those things for me from late night pimply, gangly teenage watching while hanging out with your mates,  all the way through to being a night shift companion providing background to those small quiet hours of the morning.

Congratulations to RAGE and ABC for such an iconic part of our lives.


Rage made its debut on ABC TV 30 years ago this week, on Friday April 17 1987.

Source: 30 years of Rage, and no signs of quietening

Northern NSW  floods, this one was different.. what does it mean.

The impact of Tropical Cylone Debbie was felf far and wide across the Northern Australian landscape, and eventually as far away as New Zealand. I’ve spent a number of days operating in support of Fire and Rescue NSW’s operational activity assisting the communities in far north New South Wales.

Understanding the nature of these events in a changing climate will be increasingly important not only for emergency services organisations responding to the impacts, but for communities who must be prepared.

The link below provides an excellent overview of this event.


The devastating flood damage wreaked by Tropical Cyclone Debbie has left many residents in northern New South Wales facing an enormous cleanup that could take months .

Source: Northern NSW is no stranger to floods, but this one was different

When numbers hurt your head – but you need to know!



Numbers really do hurt my head sometimes….. but statistical arguments are used to attempt to convince us, cajole us.. or in many cases to simply lie to us. Understanding some of the statistical fallicies is therefore important to participating in informed debate and not being duped by the less than scrupulous operators who use them to bamboozle.

The link below provides an interesting read!

 Statistics is a useful tool for understanding the patterns in the world around us. But our intuition often lets us down when it comes to interpreting those patterns.

Source: Paradoxes of probability and other statistical strangeness

Merry (Bah Humbug) XMas

Verdant tinseled tower
of baubles and bling,
reflecting refracted light
over ornament infested mantlepiece
with stockings strung,
stuffed with nothingness
both before and after….
….a day…
that has become a season
of frivilous retail frolicking.
Where shining lights
and constant carols
conceal customer concerns
and hide dark shadows.
Where bon homie and philanthropy
compete with bah humbug and misanthropy
among those for whom xmas isn’t always merry.