Northern NSW  floods, this one was different.. what does it mean.

The impact of Tropical Cylone Debbie was felf far and wide across the Northern Australian landscape, and eventually as far away as New Zealand. I’ve spent a number of days operating in support of Fire and Rescue NSW’s operational activity assisting the communities in far north New South Wales.

Understanding the nature of these events in a changing climate will be increasingly important not only for emergency services organisations responding to the impacts, but for communities who must be prepared.

The link below provides an excellent overview of this event.


The devastating flood damage wreaked by Tropical Cyclone Debbie has left many residents in northern New South Wales facing an enormous cleanup that could take months .

Source: Northern NSW is no stranger to floods, but this one was different

When numbers hurt your head – but you need to know!



Numbers really do hurt my head sometimes….. but statistical arguments are used to attempt to convince us, cajole us.. or in many cases to simply lie to us. Understanding some of the statistical fallicies is therefore important to participating in informed debate and not being duped by the less than scrupulous operators who use them to bamboozle.

The link below provides an interesting read!

 Statistics is a useful tool for understanding the patterns in the world around us. But our intuition often lets us down when it comes to interpreting those patterns.

Source: Paradoxes of probability and other statistical strangeness

Merry (Bah Humbug) XMas

Verdant tinseled tower
of baubles and bling,
reflecting refracted light
over ornament infested mantlepiece
with stockings strung,
stuffed with nothingness
both before and after….
….a day…
that has become a season
of frivilous retail frolicking.
Where shining lights
and constant carols
conceal customer concerns
and hide dark shadows.
Where bon homie and philanthropy
compete with bah humbug and misanthropy
among those for whom xmas isn’t always merry.

Venting through the blowhole of grief


I have had grief described to me in many ways, and none of them have ever really described what it has felt like to me since losing Samuel. I’ve been searching for a metaphor that would adequately describe my experience and how varied it is from day to day.

After a lot of thought, the constant motion of waves against a rugged coast,  and the actions of a blowhole are the closest I can come to describing my experience of  grief.

The waves vary in size, sometimes they are a gentle swell rolling and sometimes they bring crashing waves, washing up against the rugged coast of my consciousness. Like a rugged coast my consciousness is full of cracks and crevices through which the the waves pulse and withdraw.  Sometimes as they surge and pulse …. Woosh.. There it blows..  emotion erupts releasing the pressure and I feel like I simply need to collapse, like the column of water after the eruption of a blowhole.

Sometimes there is a rhythm to cycle of the emotional eruption, some days I know it’s coming, I anticipate it and I can sit and observe the rawness and feeling of loss and sadness, other times the eruption seems to come from nowhere and just like standing next to a blowhole unaware,  I wind up drenched by the eruption.

As today marks two years since Samuel died, it is a day of expected emotion, and no doubt tears many times throughout the day. It is also a reflection on the passing of time. When Samuel was alive there were markers of time before and after his non-fatal drowning. We passed things like the point in time where he had been severely disabled for a quarter of the time that he had been our “normal” little man, then half the time, three quarters, equal time… and then.. well and then… it just was. Now that he is not here I find my mind watching that clock again…. two years.. almost as long as we had him “normal”.


Time ticks

Onwards time ticks,
its passing is stark.
Surging memories of moments sweet,
and moments ohh so dark.
Some dates are markers of time,
Defining our before, defining our after.

Through the pain we strive to remind,
ourselves of the moments of joy and of laughter.
That despite being apart,
with days sometimes flooded with tears
and the permanent cracks in our hearts
your memory will last all of our years.