A new paragidm – Election 2010 and social media

Election 2010, Australian ElectionAustralian Election 2010.

As anyone who follows me on twitter will know I have been actively participating in the #ausvotes commentary about the Australian Election 2010 (Again, apologies to any of my friends on various social media platforms around the world who are not Australians… I’m sure many of my tweets had you confused! Election 2010 has been an interesting time and this post is about my personal perspective on Election 2010 and social media, and a new paradigm that I needed to adopt during the election.

Before I go any further with this post I want to make a disclaimer in relation to Election 2010.

1. I am not a member of ANY political party

2. Comments in this post are my personal point of view.

Contemplating Getting Involved

While I do have an interest in politics until this election I have never been actively engaged in any political commentary or lent my support to any political candidate but have always closely examined the policies of the various political parties involved in the pitch for my vote.

Whenever I look what is going on within the political sphere my thoughts and ultimately my vote are driven by a number of personal values.  Those familiar with this blog will know that they include Passion, Persistence, Patience and Resilience. But my values also include Social Justice, Compassion and as an over-riding position being a Catalyst for positive change in people and systems.

Social Media Community – discussion, access, influence

More so than in any previous election I have been actively involved in a number of social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. This involvement provided an interesting and different perspective to previous elections. In previous elections my involvement and analysis was based around consuming the dominant “traditional” media and its associated analysis by political pundits and to my own investigation of the various parties websites to explore their policy positions etc.

Election 2010 was really different and the major difference was the ability to follow discussion about the election through a twitter hashtag #ausvotes. The really interesting part about engaging in the twitter stream was the diversity of participants from right around Australia (and even a few from other countries). The stream provided points of view from the far left, the far right and every point of view in between.

This diversity of opinion and commentary provided a lot of links out to interesting reading (both within “traditional” media and lots of “new” media) from the various perspectives, and contrary to what a few in the twitter stream may think, I actually looked at and devoured a lot of material from the various perspectives. I think a lot of people felt that it was OK to put out there a perspective on various aspects of the election campaign and opinions on various candidates.

There where some really interesting discussions and debates to be had over a number of issues  within the #ausvotes stream (unfortunately interspersed with some very low brow and uncalled for personal insults… but hey trolls are everywhere aren’t they?) I think the #ausvotes twitter stream actually encouraged a lot of people to engage in the discussion that may not have otherwise been involved in these types of discussions. I also think the enormity and diversity and to some extent anonymity of twitter gave people some space to engage that may not exist within their usual physical social settings.

Ultimately my position about election 2010 and my choice about participating in the #ausvotes twitter stream were guided by my personal values as outlined above. Participating in #ausvotes was a really interesting and more often than not enjoyable part of election 2010 and provided me with a whole new paradigm about social media access, influence and how it can play a role in so many aspects of life.

In the next post I will continue with an exploration of what the new paradigm meant and how it changed my involvement in the campaign, followed by another post on my thoughts about the Election outcome so far….

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Become part of the tribe.

I know you want to get better at what you do, whether that is using social media for marketing your bricks and mortar business or whether it is trying to build up you online marketing presence for your blog, we all do.

If you have been on the net and blogging for any length of time then you will have heard of Chris Brogan,Brian Clark, Sonia Simone, Darren Rowse … yeah that’s right some of the gurus (even though they don’t like that title) of this blogging game, but also absolute entrepreneurs with a TON experience to share.

How much would you pay to get coaching by these guys? Truth is most of us simply could not afford it on an ongoing basis, because even a few sessions would cost us a small fortune (Don’t believe me…. go look up ANY business coach and see how much their hourly rate is.

How do you do that at an affordable rate?

How would you like to access expert tips, tactics and feedback from those experts,  without breaking the bank?

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Why am I promoting this program?

It is simple…. I was an early adopter I got on board this great community very close to when it was launched.  At that stage the price was significantly less than it is today, and I was reluctant about whether I would get any true value from subscribing.

That reluctance was quickly overcome. Why? Simply because from day one the featured content that I had access to started to make a difference to how I was thinking about what I do, and I have learned way more than the value of the subscription rate from the featured content alone.

However,  the Third Tribe forums are great and not only do you get responses from Chris Brogan,Brian Clark, Sonia Simone, Darren Rowse, you also get great feedback and support from a huge number of other content and subject matter experts.

It is only fair to warn you that the price of the subscription has gone up twice since I joined the Third Tribe. But as more people have joined the Third Tribe so has the value of the discussion that goes on in the forums.

If you are not certain that joining the Third Tribe is for, you can try out the Third Tribe free for 30 days…. the process is fully explained over at the third tribe site. As at 1 June 2010 if you join the Third Tribe you get to ……..

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How to extend a helping hand.

Help for others?

Helping yourself to get started

Starting any new undertaking, figuring out how to help yourself and getting proficient at it takes time. Living in the information age it is easy to sit down google what you are looking for and find a MILLION answers that you then have to sift through and try and make sense out of.

Making the right choice

If you are fortunate you will be immediately able to identify who the lead thinkers are in any given field. More likely you will be overwhelmed with choice.

When you start looking at a field like blogging and all of the associated intricacies you will literally be swamped with advice and a million choices is a gross underestimate.

However, one excellent part of the social media is exactly that, it IS social.

Using social media forums

By hanging around in a few forums (like the one’s at The InfoPreneur, The Third Tribe, Problogger etc) you  get to engage with people and see who is actually doing the things that you are interested in, and doing them well.

One of the people I have met through being social in forums like these is Derek Halpern, Derek has figured out how to help himself by helping others and is providing some great content over at Social Triggers, like his post on ways to increase customer satisfaction.

I had a great skype call with Derek to look at a few things around my blog and to take some pointers from Derek. Derek delivered some great value during our call and I am sure that I am going to make some improvements based on that call.

So if you want to help yourself, taking a leaf out Derek’s book, providing value is a great way to achieve it.

Your experience?

What is your experience at getting help by helping yourself, and who is delivering good value to you from meeting them in social media forums?

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#TMMM Monday Mashup


Before you get going on this post…. please be patient… I have had a layout explosion whilst making some changes to the site!  I am working on on repairing these, but have had to go with a minimalist skin while I seek to repair the damage done..  So unfortunately the site looks a bit out of joint and not how I would like it to look.  However….. please enjoy the content and head back here soon to check out what we really look like (if I have not pulled out what little hair I have left while trying to solve the problem!)

We are going to give the Monday Mashup a try and see what happens.

Monday mash-ups will include some links that I have found interesting over the preceding week. So here goes…..

13 Strategies to jump start your productivity over at Stepcase Lifehack.

While everyone has tips to get you going this is a great collection of tips and advice to actually arm you with skills to actually do what has been advocated here before … skills to Just F****N do it.

7 Truths you may be running from over at PluginID

Awareness had been a constant theme of posts here, but Bud has put together a thought provoking list of things that may actually be holding people back. Making yourself aware of these issues provides a chance to confront them.

Can you serve two masters over at MrSelfDevelopment.com

This post is a really grounding reflection on the often contradictory goals that we seek to attain in life, and the havoc that attempting to serve two masters can produce in our lives.

An interview with Rabbi Alan Laurie over at The Heart of Business

I will have to let this interview speak for itself…inspiring.

So there you have it The Mick Morris Musing Monday Mash-up #1 (mmmmm)

Let me know if you like it, and if you found any of these posts interesting.

image by Robert Couse-Baker

How to choose your parachute!

Standing ready to jump at 20,000 feet

Thinking about doing something…… maybe starting your own blog, maybe starting your new business, maybe doing a new task. Does it feel like you are at 15-20,000 feet looking out of a plane and not sure if  it is time to step out or not!

Wondering if that package strapped to your back that they call a parachute is really going to open?

Going skydiving is in my bucket list….. but I have not taken that plunge yet!, and maybe in the back of my head it is because I am not really sure if I have faith in a sheet of material stopping me from going SPLAT!  But I do know how to choose a parachute… find out how below

The Inspiration

This post is inspired by a forum post over at the Third Tribe by Jorja ( I would give her some link love here, but Jorja is currently standing in the plane at 20,000 feet and contemplating taking the jump about launching her blog)

The Parachute that never fails

Jorja is a perfect example of how in life  we are often confronted with situations which feel like we might as well be standing in that plane contemplating the jump. The difference in life is we all have one parachute that WILL always open. That parachute is your community.

Why can I say this with conviction…. because it has been proven over and over again. The story behind how I got to doing this blog and the formation of the Samuel Morris Foundation are prime examples of a community rallying behind someone standing on the precipice and in every disaster we see communities rally around to support people who need assistance. Communities support people in a multitude of ways every day, more often than not in unseen and often unacknowledged ways.

There are many terrific examples in the blogosphere of communities supporting each other. I am part of a few communities out here in the interweb thingy…. where I really am still a complete newbie….BUT communities like the Third Tribe, that inspired by James at The Infopreneur, the community being supported by Sean D’Souza at 5000BC (via psychotactics) are full of amazing people who either directly or indirectly are having a significant influence on what I am doing, not just here at the blog, but in my other undertakings and in life in general.

Sometimes we can feel like we are all alone and that nobody really gets where we are at.  In reality we are all part of many communities, and those communities are full of people who are ready and willing to support you in growing and taking those chances that have you scared and wondering if you are really prepared to jump or not.

How do we choose our parachute?

We already have in many ways, our parachutes are our relationships with the people and places that we hang out with and in, they are the people and places that we have invested our time and energy in, they are the people and places who we have helped out in the past, and who may have helped us out in the past.

We are not limited to only those communities, as there are also many new communities like the ones mentioned above that are waiting for you to find them. These are communities of  people and places that are full of information and advice we need to help us succeed, and full of potential relationships that could change our lives forever.

Regardless of whether it is a community that we are already a part of, or a community of which we are wishing to become a member they are a community because they share desirable characteristics with us and if we spend time building relationships within those communities they make a parachute that is guaranteed never to fail us.

Who represents your parachute?

It would be great to share some examples of parachutes that have  prevented us from going SPLAT and created a soft landing for us. So let us know in the comments who represents your parachute.

image by Ian Plumb