A polite way of saying “Just F*****N do it”


Is it life only about fear? by Circo de Invierno

So am I being too forthright by giving the advice to Just F*****N do it…… maybe/maybe not

You see when you combine your search for the key to happiness, you address what you are afraid of, (even if it means applying some of the scary mathmatics concepts in that post) and you get down to it the only thing left to do is Just F****N do it.

I may be lacking in some tact in this approach, so if you have identified that what you are afraid of is SUCCESS then maybe you would like to have a look at this post Are you Afraid of Success? We bet yes by Taylor over at Men with Pens, he appears to be far more tactful than I am.

But ultimately the advice boils down to the same thing…… I don’t think I need to repeat it.