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Sally Pearson - Inspiring

Much gets said about a lot of sports people, including a lot of hyperbole about sports people being “heroes”, but how many of them are truly inspiring people?

Tonight I watched one of my favourite TV programs Q and A, where the debate covered many of the problems that come along with this hero worship. To be honest I was appalled by a lot of the debate and apologist stance put forward by some for the behaviour of some elite sports people.

Then I swapped over to watch the Commonwealth games and had a very stark contrast presented. Several days ago there was a LOT of coverage about the disqualification of Sally Pearson in the womens 100M sprint. During the fall out of that event Sally demonstrated all of the qualities that we really should look for in our role models.

Sally Pearson displayed NO malice towards the officials and other athletes that were involved in her disqualification and spoke to them clearly communicating her understanding that, as devastated as she was about losing the Gold Medal she was OK and it was nothing personal.

Tonight Sally ran in the final of the 100M Hurdles where she came out victorious, claiming the Gold Medal. The TV footage shows her emotional, but then immediately sharing the moment with her competitor who had secured the Bronze medal.

Sally did her lap of honour and then headed in for the media interview. When asked about the circumstances leading up to tonight she said she just had to put it behind her and concentrate on the task at hand. Sally was showing true resilience, passion and persistence.

What truly inspired me however was her absolute awareness of what her position means. She said if as an elite athlete she inspires one child to get out there and get active and healthy she has done her job. She then encouraged all kids to get ou there and participate in Little Athletics, promoting participation in her chosen sport at the junior level.

She then spoke about the importance of her family and looking forward to celebrating with them.

Sally Pearson demonstrated true strength of character, determination, passion and commitment and proved that she can be admired as an elite athlete and as a truly inspiring individual.

There are a lot of elite sports people (and for that matter a lot of people in general) who would do well to get off their pedestal and take a leaf out of Sally’s example.

Who has ever inspired you, like Sally did tonight? Let us know in the comments.

A new paragidm – Election 2010 and social media

Election 2010, Australian ElectionAustralian Election 2010.

As anyone who follows me on twitter will know I have been actively participating in the #ausvotes commentary about the Australian Election 2010 (Again, apologies to any of my friends on various social media platforms around the world who are not Australians… I’m sure many of my tweets had you confused! Election 2010 has been an interesting time and this post is about my personal perspective on Election 2010 and social media, and a new paradigm that I needed to adopt during the election.

Before I go any further with this post I want to make a disclaimer in relation to Election 2010.

1. I am not a member of ANY political party

2. Comments in this post are my personal point of view.

Contemplating Getting Involved

While I do have an interest in politics until this election I have never been actively engaged in any political commentary or lent my support to any political candidate but have always closely examined the policies of the various political parties involved in the pitch for my vote.

Whenever I look what is going on within the political sphere my thoughts and ultimately my vote are driven by a number of personal values.  Those familiar with this blog will know that they include Passion, Persistence, Patience and Resilience. But my values also include Social Justice, Compassion and as an over-riding position being a Catalyst for positive change in people and systems.

Social Media Community – discussion, access, influence

More so than in any previous election I have been actively involved in a number of social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. This involvement provided an interesting and different perspective to previous elections. In previous elections my involvement and analysis was based around consuming the dominant “traditional” media and its associated analysis by political pundits and to my own investigation of the various parties websites to explore their policy positions etc.

Election 2010 was really different and the major difference was the ability to follow discussion about the election through a twitter hashtag #ausvotes. The really interesting part about engaging in the twitter stream was the diversity of participants from right around Australia (and even a few from other countries). The stream provided points of view from the far left, the far right and every point of view in between.

This diversity of opinion and commentary provided a lot of links out to interesting reading (both within “traditional” media and lots of “new” media) from the various perspectives, and contrary to what a few in the twitter stream may think, I actually looked at and devoured a lot of material from the various perspectives. I think a lot of people felt that it was OK to put out there a perspective on various aspects of the election campaign and opinions on various candidates.

There where some really interesting discussions and debates to be had over a number of issues  within the #ausvotes stream (unfortunately interspersed with some very low brow and uncalled for personal insults… but hey trolls are everywhere aren’t they?) I think the #ausvotes twitter stream actually encouraged a lot of people to engage in the discussion that may not have otherwise been involved in these types of discussions. I also think the enormity and diversity and to some extent anonymity of twitter gave people some space to engage that may not exist within their usual physical social settings.

Ultimately my position about election 2010 and my choice about participating in the #ausvotes twitter stream were guided by my personal values as outlined above. Participating in #ausvotes was a really interesting and more often than not enjoyable part of election 2010 and provided me with a whole new paradigm about social media access, influence and how it can play a role in so many aspects of life.

In the next post I will continue with an exploration of what the new paradigm meant and how it changed my involvement in the campaign, followed by another post on my thoughts about the Election outcome so far….

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What the hell is this about?

That is a great question! What the hell is the Mick Morris Musing about?

Let me tell you face to face…… what you’re not in Australia and it’s the middle of the night where you are… don’t worry put on the coffee and I’ll drop around …OK stop panicking about the mess, I’m joking.

The best way to tell you what this blog is really about (and something I should have done at the start!) is to let video do the talking for me. After today this video will be up on the ABOUT page… but for now…

Ok… what did you think of the video? Let me know in the comments (remember this is how I am going to find you as well!), and do you think I should add the occasional video post here to mix things up a bit?

How to stop being afraid !

Get over Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

If you have ever spent any time studying any form of management or self development then someone would have subjected you to Maslow’s heirarchy of needs. If you are like me, you would probably be happy to never hear that term again (as relevant as it is).

It doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for Maslow, in fact one of Maslow’s quotes provides a great opportunity for reflection.

The top end of the pyramid

Abraham Maslow is quoted as saying “We are generally afraid to become that which we can glimpse in our most perfect moments”

How many times have you been engaged in moments of thought when you can see with absolute clarity what you REALLY want to become / have etc? Remember that feeling of total absorption and the lift that you experienced being in that moment.

What are you afraid of?

Then what happened? “Reality” intervened and you started to think of all the obstacles on the way to achieving it and began to experience self doubt about your ability to achieve that vision.

Is it actually that you are afraid of that vision because you know it means that you will have to step outside your comfort zone to achieve it. Is it that you just can’t figure out what needs to be done and how long it will take to do it… what is it that you are really afraid of?

Just F*n Do It

You know what you want…. you have had the internal feeling of what it is like to be where you want to be and be who/what you want to be.   To get there in life you need to keep moving forward towards that vision and no matter what obstacles appear you need to press on. Every one of those obstacles represents a chance for you to re-affirm your vision and your desire and remember to make progress towards it every single day.

What hurdles do you have to overcome and what is going to make you go on JFDI!  Let me know in the comments.

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Press On!

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan, ‘Press on,’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race –Calvin Coolidge

Have you noticed that successful people in life are not quitters, but they press on…. sometimes they might have to alter their plan along the way, maybe that is because of the old adage that the map is not the territory, and things emerge as you hit the ground.

I’m also not ashamed to use some mixed metaphors here, so it can also be like getting to the finish line in a yacht race, you know where the finish line is, but you need to, zig and zag, you simply can’t get there in a straight line, and you need to read the breeze and make adjustments to your course along the way to account for shifts in it.

Ultimately if you press on, you get there!

What is the best thing you have achieved by pressing on? Leave your comments to let me know.

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