For all you internet marketing cynics….

You cruise the net just like I do….. you’ve seen the internet marketing products by the million. the internet marketing gurus by their thousands! So for all you internet marketing cynics here is an explanation of how it all works …. (courtesy of Tony Piro over at Calamities of Nature… an always thought-provoking comic strip!)

Calamities of Nature, irreverent webcomics by Tony Piro
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BAH-HUMBUG! Hating Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years

Whose a festive season turkey?

I think Scrooge McDuck said it all  “That silly season when everybody loves everybody else! A Curse on it!”…

BAH HUMBUG.. there I said it…. the holiday festive season makes me a BAH-HUMBUG person…. it is not because I don’t particularly like what each of the occasions means, I actually enjoy each specific day and the time with my family. The reason it makes me a BAH HUMBUG person is because of,

The outpouring of Bonhomie

Or should I say the outpouring of so much FAKE bonhomie… have you noticed the people who are complete nay sayers and grouches  suddenly become full of good cheer (or appear to be full of good cheer). How everyone suddenly has to find something nice to say about everyone else.. how people suddenly cut some slack for people they would not think twice about for the rest of the year…

What difference does it make?

I really have to question what difference it makes….. when so much of the bon homie appears so obviously strained and an effort. When so much of the effort is really about the retail experience and not really about the spirit of the events.

Does it make a difference to the people who are neglected for most of the year.. do those strained kind words really mean anything to them? Do the token contributions do anything practical for them, or do they just serve to highlight their status for the rest of the year?

Where does it go?

When the first week of January is over…. where has it all gone? How quickly do things revert to “normal”… how quickly do the little people suddenly mean very little again. If the sentiments expressed during the festive season meant anything at all how could this be?

Here’s a challenge I want to set for everyone….

Bank it for every day!

I want you to ration your bon homie for the festive season… I want you to examine the effort that you would usually make at this time, I want you to really think about how much of it you really have to work at…. and think, if you really have to work at it, is it genuine and is it worth it.

I want you to consider the investment you make, financially, emotionally and physically during the festive season and I want you to only do what feels completely 100% genuine and really from the heart during this festive season… and all of the energy, emotion and finances you would otherwise spend while “working at it” I want you to bank……

I want you to bank it NOW… and then I want you to SPEND it… but don’t spend it during the festive season… spend it during the rest of the year. Invest it in making a small but real difference EVERY DAY… use it to smile at someone who you might otherwise neglect, use it to buy someone a cup of coffee when they’re not expecting it, use it to make a donation to a charity outside of their traditional “appeal” times, use that energy, emotion and finance to make a small but REAL difference to people throughout the year…

make the whole year the festive season for all the RIGHT reasons  and help stop me being such a  BAH HUMBUG person…..

image credit – wishuponacupcake @flickr

Is it out there?

When you are confronted with a problem, where do you look for the solution? Do you look for it “out there” expecting to find some magical fix, or expecting some else to provide the solution?

Or do you look for it “in here”………………….

Sean Dsouza was kind enough to recently share  a video he located, it is a snippet of a interview with actor Kevin Spacey, and it contains some very powerful words about there being no prize “out there”…. but I’ll let Kevin speak for himself (and thanks Sean)

After you have watched this… where will you be looking for that prize you have been seeking?

How to spot a miracle?

What miracle is in here?

What did you fail to notice today?

When you woke up this morning did you miss the sound of the birds singing?

Did you miss the sounds of your partner breathing quietly alongside you all because your mind was immediately filled with all of your have to’s, shoulds etc?

When you went on your trip to work, did you fail to notice the colour of the sky, the way the light was reflecting of buildings, did you fail to notice the smile from the person who served you your coffee?

Every day we encounter a million opportunities to notice the small things in life, the things that we often take for granted, but things that when we really stop to examine them are evidence of untold miracles occurring around us every day. Think about the complexity of light and reflections, think about the complexity of bird song, think about the complexity that results in someone smiling at you.

A brilliant mind like that of Albert Einstein realised that this was an issue when he said “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

Which way are you going to live your life?

Think back about yesterday……what was the miracle you spotted….. make someone’s day…share it with everyone in the comments.

Image by Just Me @flickr

YOUR Empire starts with one step!

Empire Building Kit

One Step….and then another and then another and so on.

Building your empire requires you to make a CHOICE

Come on you know you want your own empire. You want to be King/Queen Emporor/Emporess of your own realm. (if you don’t then give up here, there is no point reading on)

NO this is not a push from me to turn you into the next six figure blogger (unless of course that is what you want your empire to be). If you are like most people, inlcuding me, floating around on the blogosphere you have a “real” job and you are building your online presence alongside it for whatever reason. You may be a small business operator, you might be in a service delivery business. Does this matter………apparently not.

An opportunity exists to learn how a person with a dog walking business is making that six figure income, to find ways of building your existing (or dream) business to give you a realistic income, to get support to do it from someone with a proven history of helping other people succeed, and to be guided along the path every day for a year.

However, taking that first step requires that you make a choice. Every choice that we make in life has a timeframe attached to it. Sometimes an opportunity arises to make a choice in a short time frame and Chris Guillebeau has provided you with just this opportunity.

His Empire Building Kit (affiliate link) is open for a very short time only.

I have made the choice to have Chris help me build my empire

I saw the launch… I went and had a look… I signed up….

But more than that I went and took a sneek preview at all that was available within the program so that I had a good idea what was ahead of me… and as they say  I’m excited!

So at $149 for a 365 days plan of attack  (plus lots of added bonuses), can you afford to choose NOT to invest in having someone help you build the pathway to your empire?

Go on.. leap on over to  and buy your Empire Building Kit

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