I play with fire, question the status quo, battle for the underdog and raise money to help disabled children and prevent childhood drowning!

About the Mick Morris Musing

Personally, life has thrown up some significant challenges, the biggest of which was the non-fatal drowning of my son which left him with severe disabilities which he battled for almost eight years before his death, I tell that story in the post How did I get here, and I would urge you to read it, as it sets out the original motivation for this blog, and gives an insight into the charity work I do at the Samuel Morris Foundation

This blog is a way of sharing and having conversations about developing a resilient life whilst dealing with life’s burning issues.

We all have to have a passion, whether that is your family, your work, your community, your sport… and we need to have patience, something that is clearly becoming harder to find in modern society. We definitely need persistence… nothing was ever achieved by anyone who quit… if you’re passionate, patient and ready to persist there is a lot that can be achieved. All of these things contribute to building resilience, they give you the lessons, the networks and the experiences you need to bounce back from adversity in all its guises.