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The ONLY thing you need to know

The only thing you need to know

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What is the only thing you need to know? Well that depends on what the question is really about doesn’t it.

This blog is about resilience and life’s burning issues, but what does that mean and how do I explain it?

To get the background about how this blog came to be you will need to read so how did I get here.

If you want to know the values that underpin why this mission is important to me you please read  are you suffering self-development overload?

Choice is a bit of a recurring theme on this blog, so you might also like to check out the posts about making choices.

Problem solving is a subject that also makes frequent appearances within the posts some examples of these types of posts are..solving your biggest problem and when to cut them loose

In fact there a quiet a few themes that keep surfacing on this blog. Although the important thing for me is that the blog is delivering content that YOU would like to read and that YOU would find useful. There is only one way I can do that… that is to encourage you to work your way through a number of the posts and leave comments about what the posts bring out in you and then get in touch with me to let me know if there is some other topics you would like me to cover.


What would four years of your life look like?

During the last week my son participated in the examinations for the Royal Australian College of Paediatricians.

Samuel’s role is as a patient for the doctors doing their final exams in order to become qualified Paediatricians.

Part of the examination process is a review of the patients history and an assessment of their current needs and medical issues. When we entered the room to speak with the examiners prior to the first candidate we were confronted with the pile of papers in the picture above.

This pile represents four years of medical history since Samuel’s accident.

Examining your life (or a part of it)

The examiners spend around 40 minutes with the patient getting an overall history, doing a physical examination and then exploring a range of questions around the current issues and most pressing needs of the patient.

When the examination candidate doctors come in they have an hour to repeat the process.

An expert has 2/3 rds the amount of time as a relative novice to determine what the most important points in this history are, what the most pressing needs are and to think about a plan for how to deal with those needs.

As mentioned that photo represents four years of medical history…. but that is only part of the overall picture of Samuel’s life.

What are the important points?

If an expert or a novice was given the opportunity to spend 40 mins or an hour examining your life (or even a four year slice of it),  how big would the pile of papers be that represent that history? In your opinion what would be the most important points.

What questions would you want them to ask you, where would you want them to focus and how would you like them to plan to address these needs?

Think about it and let me know !

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