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Simplicity, Patience, and Compassion my ARSE!

One of those days!

” I have just three things to teach:

Simplicity, patience and compassion.

These three are your greatest treasures.

Simple in actions and in thought,

You return to the source of being.

Patient with both friends and enemies,

you accord with the way things are.

Compassionate toward yourself,

you reconcile all beings in the world.”


One of those days….

Lets just say it has been one of those days…… one of those days that really challenges your resolve to live in accordance with the above quote from the Tao Te Ching, and to accept that things are the way they are.

The hot water system decided to blow up leading to an expensive replacement (which is going to leave us without hot water for a day or so)  my nine year old also decided to blow up, my computer has decided to virtually go on strike (hopefully it is not going to blow up) and I have simply felt like crap. We all know that life does not stop on days like these.

The above quote though is somewhat a source of inspiration for days just like this one.


I have really had to try to simplify the day in order to achieve anything (let alone some of the BIG tasks that were scheduled). So having a handle on what is important, what is realistically achievable in your current state of mind, and being able to re-assess and modify on the run while not feeling well are keys to being able to simplify your day when it is really needed.


Despite not doing it successfully all day I have really had to work on being patient with my nine year old and give her the space she has needed to deal with some of her frustration and to deal with the impact of a few recent events.

While someone is blowing up at you it is easy to “lose it” and none of us are perfect. I admit at times today I failed in the patience stakes.

Trying to be aware of your own state of mind and any limitations that may be in play… such as feeling like crap… may have on your ability to remain patient are important. Being aware of your own fuse burning short, and being willing to walk away and re-group earlier than you might ordinarily in order to continue to be patient are important aspects to help ensure you don’t do any damage to an important relationship.


Simplicity and compassion have had to combine in order to get through the day. Some of those big tasks have simply had to be rescheduled or I would be running myself into the ground.

In life if you can not look after yourself then you are unable to effectively look after anyone else. Being willing to be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack when things are not going well

It may well have been one of those days….. but a willingness to see it for one of those days and to try to deal with it in a simple, patient and compassionate has made the day far better than it may otherwise have been if I had dwelt in the anger and frustration that some of todays activities could have resulted in.

How about you?

How do you deal with it when you have one of those days?  Are you able to muster the simplicity, patience and compassion you need in order to continue?

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How to move a MOUNTAIN

Time to Sit?

The Rallying Cries for Patience.

 Chris Brogan was rallying against the assault on anywhen.

A big problem with modern society is that everyone wants everything NOW…. and none of us can have everything now because everything is a damn big pie! How do you eat a big pie?  Like you do the proverbial elephant, one bite at a time over time.

As I have suggested elsewhere on the blogosphere today you can move a mountain if you take your time and focus on one shovel full at a time, but if someone asked you to move the mountain and you only looked at the mountain, you would probably die from the scale of the task.

Underlying Themes

If you have been around this blog for a little while, you will know that patience is one of the things that I am working on as part of my own personal development, and an underlying theme and it has been the subject of past posts like “What are you waiting for – isn’t it time to be patient instead?” and “Teaching fishing – life’s parallels”.

One of the greatest ways to learn patience is to learn to meditate….. it also helps with one of the other underlying themes on this blog.. being present in the here and now.

I’ve set myself an interesting challenge to try and help improve my meditation, which I am sure will have a profound impact on other areas of my life as I go along.

So what is the challenge?

90 sits in 90 days….. OK stop the laughing, I said SITS…. how bloody hard can it be to sit down 90 times in 90 days you are asking yourself while rolling on the floor….you think I’ve just found a great excuse for sitting on my backside and doing nothing.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Meditation can be hard work… there are lots of methods and sitting meditation is one of them, you can find some great meditation resources here.

So far this challenge is worldwide (not a lot when you consider the level of impatience all around us) so why not join me in doing this challenge for yourself (I am in no way affiliated with the organisers of this event)…. but before you start…

What gets up your nose about people being impatient? What do you do to counter it? and finally…I’m getting ready to move my mountain by a few more shovel fulls,  will you join me in this challenge? Let me know in the comments

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