Just Do It!

Just Do It!

Noticed a trend recently! There is a ton of stuff on PROCRASTINATION and ways to over it come it.

Some of it has been great reading thanks to these guys…..

It’s not procrastination if it’s fuel for something else Rob Sutton , Patrick , Charlie

I had a boss  (thanks Andy) who had a really simple approach to overcoming the procrastination monster, we’d be talking about one thing or another, discussion a problem talking about a solution and it always ended with the same advice….. and it’s not contrary to my efforts for patience, but it definitely is persistence…

” Mick…JFDI ! ” or in case you missed the subtlety of the title ” Just F****N DO IT” , now I reckon Andy had this in the bag long before NIKE decided to make it a corporate logo/phrase (after all Andy was getting on a bit {sorry andy}

Now Andy is retired, but that voice rattles around in my head whenever the procrastination monster begins to chatter in my head (what you don’t have those little voices?)

So next time your  thinking “I really should be doing….xxxx”  take my old bosses advice and JFDI.