So you’re engaged in what you are doing…. right?

Welcome to last of the CHOICE series of posts….. So far we have looked at Constructing the foundations for making decisions and the need for awareness of what influences the foundations of your decision making , the consequences of some choices with a sad case study, at how others, obstacles and/or opportunities can influence your decisions and how these three elements are heavily inter-related.

This post deals with the last two letters of CHOICE, which part one described as CONTINUING ENGAGEMENT.


Engagement is  a process  which is defined in a few ways:

  • To attract and hold the attention of; engross: a hobby that engaged her for hours at a time.
  • To enter or bring into conflict with: We have engaged the enemy.
  • To interlock or cause to interlock
  • to attract and hold fast: The novel engaged her attention and interest.
  • to attract or please: His good nature engages everyone.
  • To require the use of; occupy: Studying engages most of my time.
  • To draw into; involveengage a shy person in conversation.

When you need to make a decision you are deciding how you are going to continue to engage with the person, object or subject that caused the need for a decision, and all the other elements that we have discussed in this series come into play.

How many decisions do you make with little or no thought, almost making them on autopilot?

If you are making your decisions like this, then I would argue that you are really reacting to the situation, not making a decision.

If  you are really aware of the foundations and building blocks of your decision, you have thought about what others, obstacles or opportunities are influencing your decision, and are then making a conscious decision about how you are going to attract and hold someone’s attention, enter into conflict with someone, attract or please someone or something, draw in and involve someone or something then you are responding to the situation instead of reacting and you are truly making a CHOICE!


Good luck with your future CHOICES….. let me know if this has changed or influenced any of your decisions, or you have any suggestions by leaving a comment.

The image in this post is by Andy Rob @ flickr