A glass - Half empty of half full?


This is a guest post by Ben Klempner. Ben is an accomplished Social Worker with a couple of books under his belt and experience helping people deal with a wide range of issues including; anger management, addiction recovery; marriage, family and career counselling, depression, grief and anxiety.  So over to you Ben……………….

Last night as I was lying in bed I got around to thinking what to write for a blog that’s about “turning life’s crap into fertilizer.” Then it came to me….. Here it is.

Ten negative affirmations turned positive

“Life’s so unfair”  can be turned into “life’s full of interesting turns of events”

“The sky’s overcast” can be turned into ” The cloud formations are dark and beautiful”

“It looks like it is going to rain” can be turned into “The reservoirs and vegetation could really use some rain”

“I’m miserable” can be turned into “I’m ready to make some changes”

“My job stinks!” can be turned into “It’s time to start connecting with the people I work with on a more meaningful level”

“I have no friends” can be turned into “I need to start meeting new people”

“My family life is the pits” can be turned into “My family life could use some improvement”

“I’ll probably fail this test” can be turned into “I wonder what I will learn from this test about myself and my knowledge?”

“My friends and family are all sick and tired of me” can be turned into “My friends and family care about me and would like to see me putting my best foot forward”

“My television broke and now I have nothing to do” can be turned into ” My television broke. Now I have time to walk outside and breathe some fresh air.

Go ahead… in the comments section below let us know some of your own negative affirmations turned positive.

image by Globe Visions