There are some things that have been consistent parts of our lives… and it’s only when an anniversary and article like the one linked to below pops up that you consider how long and how much they have been influencing parts of your life.

Rage’s influence on the Australian music scene is undeniable. The ritual of watching, listening, learning and exploring our culture through the program is one that fans across the country have done for decades at weird hours of the day and night. Rage is also often the first place that Australian artists are able to reach a national audience by submitting their videos.

RAGE! is one of those things for me from late night pimply, gangly teenage watching while hanging out with your mates,  all the way through to being a night shift companion providing background to those small quiet hours of the morning.

Congratulations to RAGE and ABC for such an iconic part of our lives.


Rage made its debut on ABC TV 30 years ago this week, on Friday April 17 1987.

Source: 30 years of Rage, and no signs of quietening