The clock ticked over from 1159 to 0000 then 0001, and 2019 turned into 2020 with everyone’s hopes resting on the fires ending. Nothing changed as that clock ticked over. The fires raged, people continued to suffer and thousands continued to rally to protect and support the community.

The clock kept ticking…… yes, the fires eventually went out, only to be replaced by floods and then then the COVID19 pandemic really kicked into gear globally. 

Each phase represented different professional challenges for many, myself included. 

I’ve participated in this, reflecting that I do so from a position of privilege in many ways. I’ve maintained secure employment in a position that enables me to contribute to helping others. In workplace that pivoted well and facilitated work from home arrangements. Not all my colleagues could, and many ( my fellow firefighters, police and ambulance and healthcare worker friends…. and all the other essential workers who had no choice but to keep society functioning) remained on the “front lines” responding daily to the needs of the community.

And here we are 366 days later (yes, because a year like this one needed an extra day!) and again we are waiting on the clock to tick over from 1159 to 0000 then 0001, this time with people’s  hopes resting on the end to COVID19.

I’m not one for “New Years resolutions”. My observation is that time is a continuum, and nothing in the world changes when that clock ticks over from Dec 31 to Jan 1, except maybe an attitude.

If you were desperate for the fires to end last year, what will you do about climate change? If you are desperate to end the pandemic, what will you do about wearing masks and following health guidance.

If you didn’t like the last 366 days, do something about in the next. Change will only come, one minute and one decision at a time. The clock is ticking and you have choices to make.