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BAH-HUMBUG! Hating Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years

Whose a festive season turkey?

I think Scrooge McDuck said it all  “That silly season when everybody loves everybody else! A Curse on it!”…

BAH HUMBUG.. there I said it…. the holiday festive season makes me a BAH-HUMBUG person…. it is not because I don’t particularly like what each of the occasions means, I actually enjoy each specific day and the time with my family. The reason it makes me a BAH HUMBUG person is because of,

The outpouring of Bonhomie

Or should I say the outpouring of so much FAKE bonhomie… have you noticed the people who are complete nay sayers and grouches  suddenly become full of good cheer (or appear to be full of good cheer). How everyone suddenly has to find something nice to say about everyone else.. how people suddenly cut some slack for people they would not think twice about for the rest of the year…

What difference does it make?

I really have to question what difference it makes….. when so much of the bon homie appears so obviously strained and an effort. When so much of the effort is really about the retail experience and not really about the spirit of the events.

Does it make a difference to the people who are neglected for most of the year.. do those strained kind words really mean anything to them? Do the token contributions do anything practical for them, or do they just serve to highlight their status for the rest of the year?

Where does it go?

When the first week of January is over…. where has it all gone? How quickly do things revert to “normal”… how quickly do the little people suddenly mean very little again. If the sentiments expressed during the festive season meant anything at all how could this be?

Here’s a challenge I want to set for everyone….

Bank it for every day!

I want you to ration your bon homie for the festive season… I want you to examine the effort that you would usually make at this time, I want you to really think about how much of it you really have to work at…. and think, if you really have to work at it, is it genuine and is it worth it.

I want you to consider the investment you make, financially, emotionally and physically during the festive season and I want you to only do what feels completely 100% genuine and really from the heart during this festive season… and all of the energy, emotion and finances you would otherwise spend while “working at it” I want you to bank……

I want you to bank it NOW… and then I want you to SPEND it… but don’t spend it during the festive season… spend it during the rest of the year. Invest it in making a small but real difference EVERY DAY… use it to smile at someone who you might otherwise neglect, use it to buy someone a cup of coffee when they’re not expecting it, use it to make a donation to a charity outside of their traditional “appeal” times, use that energy, emotion and finance to make a small but REAL difference to people throughout the year…

make the whole year the festive season for all the RIGHT reasons  and help stop me being such a  BAH HUMBUG person…..

image credit – wishuponacupcake @flickr

Bear Cottage – An amazing place

bear_cottage_logoOn the weekend I went to the Gala Dinner called the “Bear Affair”  for Bear Cottage.  Bear Cottage is an amazing place that provides an incredibly valuable service to children and families that really need it.

In the last post I challenged you to contemplate your own death. If you have children,  having to contemplate their pending death is a far scarier thought than contemplating your own death.

The sad  reality is that many families do have to contemplate the pending death of one of their children. My family is part of this club that no family ever wants to join, but we are better positioned to deal with some of the challenges that belonging to this club brings simply because we know we have the support of the amazing staff and facilities at Bear Cottage.

They help families cope with the impossible – to care for a child who has a life-limiting illness a child who is unlikely to see their 18th birthday, or their ninth birthday, or sometimes even their first birthday.

Bear Cottage provides both respite and palliative care. It is the only children’s hospice in NSW and the first children’s hospice in the world to be attached to a paediatric hospital. As a result, Bear Cottage is able to provide high quality medical care for many complex illnesses in a home-like atmosphere.

Families do not pay for any Bear Cottage services and all operating expenses are raised entirely through community donations.

During last night’s “Bear Affair” I hope I did not my part (I know my bank balance is a lot lighter today, but I’m proud my money is going to assist a place that is that helps families like mine).

For the special kids that stay at Bear Cottage there is no miracle cure, there is no happy ending. This does not mean that it is a sad place, far from it, in fact from first hand experience I can tell you that the place full of life.

As they say at Bear Cottage “we can’t add years to their lives, but we can add life to their years”.

Please help me to add some life to the short years that Bear Cottage kids have by making a donation here

Mick’s Note:  thanks to those that have already followed the link and donated, greatly appreciated by a LOT of amazing kids and their families… if you haven’t made a donation, please consider doing so NOW

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