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Have you contemplated your death?

Have you contemplated your own death?

skull and crossbones by antmoose @flickr

Have you ever contemplated your own death?

DEATH… it’s not a subject that many people want to contemplate, but it is inevitable and none of us get out of this life alive! 

Due to my profession and the community work that I have chosen to be engaged in death is a subject that I regularly encounter, but over the past day a couple of things have crossed my path that led to me asking you the question about contemplating your death, so I thought I would share them with you…

from the Dhammapada…

Firstly a section of the Dhammapada, that deals with ageing and death:

“Look at the body adorned, A mass of wounds, draped upon a heap of bones, A sickly thing, this subject of sensual thoughts! Neither permanent, nor enduring!

The body wears out, A nest of disease, Fragile, disintegrating, ending in death.” 

from an outstanding blogger…

yet another timely and astounding piece from Jessica Hagy that she has titled “The Crux of Deathbed Regrets”

from a set of lessons which help guide my life..

“… a time will most assuredly come when death that great leveler of all mankind, reduces us to the same state and the best and the brightest of us knows not when…”

Your death?

If you contemplate your own immortality, and the reality that your time is limited but you just don’t know how limited, what does your own death mean to you?

Now that this thought is in the forefront of your mind… what people matter most in your life and what are you going to do about showing them how much you appreciate them?

Share your thoughts in the comments…

Solving your biggest problem.

Where do I start?

Solving our biggest problems is like being faced with a bucket load of lego building blocks.

Being faced with a bucket of pieces means that there are so many options open to us, and so many different potential ways of putting together the pieces.

We know we have a problem, we know that we probably have  all of the pieces needed to put together a solution, but where do we start?

This isn’t a solution it is a question.

You may have thought from the title of this post that I was going to provide you with the magic bullet to solve your biggest problem. SORRY! There is no magic bullet.

This post is really about starting a conversation about solving your biggest problem.

The Question/s.

  • What is the biggest problem that you are currently facing?
  • How do you know it is a problem?
  • In the past when you have been faced with a problem, how have you decided where to start with the solution?
  • Where did you look for the solution to your problem?

Where do you put your answers?

I’d really appreciate it if you would put your answers in the comments, because I would like us to start a conversation around identifying a problem, looking for solutions, building the solution from the ground up and learning where people go looking for solutions to their problems. Sharing your answers to the questions will probably help someone else to solve a problem.

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