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The ABC’s of terror entitlement


But, not overly
Concerned by the
Designed to induce distress
Evangelism of a
Fear mongering
Government who,
Hope to
Juvenile voter sentiment with
Knowledge that fear and terror
Leverage base instincts, while praying
Main stream media make,
No news reporting or notice of their
Oppressive, overbearing, anti-social
Policies and that no-one
Questions, queries or
Surrendering freedoms or privacy to allegedly prevent
Terrorism. Or …….,
Union organisation, or the work of groups who
Value the lives of the disadvantaged, disabled or
Workers or refugees over the
Yearning for more power and/or profit of the elites who would rather you
Zone out, be silent, compliant and subsidise their sense of entitlement.

copyright Mick Morris 2014

Having put these thoughts into poetry… I should make it clear that I fully appreciate that there are people with the means, motive and method who would do harm to us and are plotting ways to do so. I also appreciate that there is excellent work being done by our intelligence, law enforcement and emergency services to prevent, prepare for and respond to any incidents. I simply despise the process being made a political plaything.

It’s time for Questions and Answers


Tonight I’m part of the audience for ABC’s political commentary show QandA.

The show features Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey, and is being held at the Evan Theatre at Panthers and it looks like a full house.

I did not get notified that I will have the opportunity to ask my question.. So I’ll just have to share it on my own channel and via my social networks…

QandA Question

“Mr Hockey, your budget provides wins for corporate Australia through company tax cuts and wins for high wage earners through continuing generous superannuation tax concessions. At the same time increasing wage earner taxation on several fronts and removing the superannuation co-payment for low wage earners. Can you please explain why your philosophy appears to be that to motivate the rich you need to give them money but to motivate the poor you have to take money from them and how this fits with your mantra of lower, simpler, fairer taxation.”

I don’t get to ask it, but I’d love to know his answer!