Tonight I’m part of the audience for ABC’s political commentary show QandA.

The show features Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey, and is being held at the Evan Theatre at Panthers and it looks like a full house.

I did not get notified that I will have the opportunity to ask my question.. So I’ll just have to share it on my own channel and via my social networks…

QandA Question

“Mr Hockey, your budget provides wins for corporate Australia through company tax cuts and wins for high wage earners through continuing generous superannuation tax concessions. At the same time increasing wage earner taxation on several fronts and removing the superannuation co-payment for low wage earners. Can you please explain why your philosophy appears to be that to motivate the rich you need to give them money but to motivate the poor you have to take money from them and how this fits with your mantra of lower, simpler, fairer taxation.”

I don’t get to ask it, but I’d love to know his answer!