by haribo

by haribo

Why was the word CONSTRUCTING selected to open the acronym for CHOICE?

Obviously a deliberate decision, made specifically to call to mind the process of building something. There are many ways to construct something.

Adhoc construction

There is the ad hoc, build it with what is laying around approach that may produce some interesting artistic pieces with a lot of pejorative  “character”.

In reality a structure built in this fashion is unlikely to be able the weather the downpours of life, the heavy winds, the shaky ground, the heat and the cold. Pieces are likely to fall off when subject to stress and the structure is most likely going to behave in unpredictable ways and may not behave the same way in similar circumstances because of shifts in the way the material has behaved already. Would you build the important structures of you life in this way….. I doubt it very much, or at least I hope not.

Planned Construction

A good structure is built with plans and a vision of what the outcome will look like. It is built by carefully selecting the materials. The materials are selected due to a range of features like their strength, their flexibility, their transparency or opacity, their weight, their ability to be moulded….. the list of criteria  goes on and on, but essentially they are selected due to being fit for purpose within the overall plan and vision.

by Braid44

by Braid44

Solid Foundations

All historically stable structures are also reliant on solid and well built foundations, designed to hold the load of the structure, the type of foundations are selected to be consistent with the type of soil on which the structure is to be built, to stop them sinking over time, like the famous leaning tower.

So  the word CONSTRUCTING was selected to remind you of this process.

How are you building your future?

Are you building your decisions on a solid foundation? Are you selecting the components that will make up your decision based on criteria that will make them fit for purpose and consistent with the intended goal? ….. or are you grabbing the building material as you go along, and building a ramshackle support?

We’d love to know how your a selecting the material on which to build your future, let us know by posting your comments in the discussion below……. and lets see how they emerge in Part 3 and beyond.