choice warning signHow many decisions do you make in a day?

The average person makes hundreds if not thousands of decisions each and every day of their lives, but have you stopped and considered what drives those decisions.

Most people will tell you that making a decision involves a selection between one or more options for something. In reality I think that it is a far more complex process than that.

Why is it more complex than that?

It is far more complex than that because making decisions is not just selecting between this option of that option and moving on.

Making decisions involves CHOICE,

Let me spell CHOICE out for you:

C – Constructing

H -how

O – obstacles/others/opportunities

I – Impact or Influence

C – Continuing

E – Engagement

CHOICE is informed by a lot of background that you may not even be consciously aware of when you are deciding between the options available to you.  We will explore this further………… In part 2

So for now…… how many decisions do you think you make in a day and what do you think drives them? Let me know in the comments..