photo by Look Into My Eyes

So 2009  is nearly gone and 2010 is almost upon us…. lots of people are getting around to doing their planning for the next year. Reflecting on the consequences of last years plan, setting goals, creating to-do lists or coming up with their three words like Chris Brogan, or using a multitude of other planning tools.

What’s the Vision?

Most of what people are doing with their planning is trying to set out their vision for 2010 and/or beyond. So I thought taking a gook look at vision would be a great way of taking a peek at 2010.

20 20 or simply normal?

You probably know that when people talk about having perfect vision they talk about having 20/20 vision.  Or what is considered normal for human visual acuity.

But what does normal vision mean? When talking physical sight 20/20 means the ability to distinguish between two objects approximately 1/16th of an inch apart from 20 feet away (or 1.5 mm apart from 6 metres).

What we are trying to do when we are setting a vision for our lives is to distinguish and choose what items/objects/values are going to be most important to us as we move through next year and try to see what the finish line will look like or us.

Anecdotally we know that the only time most of have perfect vision in dealing with our lives is in hindsight, by why can’t we have better than perfect vision moving forward?

20 10 – or better than normal?

When we refer back to physical vision, 20 10 vision is twice the acuity of 2020…. or better than normal.

We have all used different planning tools in the past. So now is the time to ask yourself whether these tools really helped you to distinguish between the items/objects/values to turn your year into a success, or whether they really continued to produce more of the same.

We have many options available to us. The internet allows us to find many different planning tools and to adapt either to the tool as a whole, or to adopt one or more of a tools various components.

Ideally we should be looking for elements that will allow us to develop our 20/10 or better than normal vision, so whatever tool you adopt or adapt it really needs to be helping you to better distinguish between the items/objects/values etc that will contribute to your success.

I hope 2010 is a year of great success for you!

What tool have you adopted or what customised solution have you adapted to help you build your better than normal vision for next year?