Merry Christmas by Blacklord

Merry Christmas by Blacklord

The Christmas holiday season is traditionally full of people wishing each other a merry xmas, sprouting bon homie, and being full of the festive spirit. This is NOT a traditional xmas message!

Some of you will know that I am full of the festive spirit and regularly spout bon homie a bit of a Bah Humbug sort of person when it comes to Christmas. There are a few reasons for this, but I won’t go into detail. I do really like Christmas day and the immense joy that it brings to my children (even though it is heavily tinged by the fact that one of my children no longer experiences that joy), but I really hate the fakeness of the lead up and the forced sense of camaraderie that everyone displays.

For many this time of year is a bigger struggle than normal, as they struggle to provide for their families and see their children go without, or as they spend Christmas alone, or as they continue their battle with illness, or they remain homeless.

For some this is the first xmas without a special loved one, for some it is the first xmas dealing with a family member with severe disability, for some it is the first xmas tinged with immense sadness for many different individual reasons.

Not everyones view of Christmas is a positive one.

If you are one of the lucky ones for whom this time of year is full of joy, and you get to spend it surrounded by loving family, congratulations, please consider this request……….

in the last days before xmas is there something that you and your family can do to lighten the burden of those less fortunate ?