What if...

IF…… many people spend a lot of time saying “if only” but we are going to spend some time saying “What if……. ”

There are so many things in life we could apply the question “what if” to.

In his famous poem “if” Kipling provides a range of “if” scenarios that provide a recipe for developing into a mature person. Granted Kipling’s last line might only apply to half the population, but I think we can forgive that line and just accept that it applies to self-development for all of us.

What if ….. leaves a million possibilities doesn’t it? and that is just the point.

What if…. we came at a familiar situation with a different a mindset?

What if…. we accepted that we are where we are because of choices we have made in the past?

What if…. we accept, to use a comment that has been used here often….life is what it is?

What if…. we accepted that in every choice we make today we are deciding a little bit of what our future will look like?

What if…. you asked yourself “what if” and spent a moment thinking about that when faced with a choice…. would you make better choices?

Life is what it is, but what life becomes is decided by your answers to “WHAT IF…”

image by Marco Bellucci