Keep the light on

Today I’m going to share some images and thoughts about what this blog is about, and what I hope it provides to YOU!

The challenge is to keep the light on!

Life is full of challenges (and if you are familiar with how I got here you’ll know some of the issues that I deal with daily)… but no matter what I am committed to keeping the personal light on and shining and keeping the potential darkness and danger at bay. Thinking about keeping the light on brings to mind a lighthouse

  • A lighthouse stands tall despite what nature throws at it
  • A lighthouse helps guide others away from hazards and towards safety

It also needs……

BALANCE, STRENGTH and RESILIENCE mixed with a good dose of…….


What about you?

If you had to chose an image to represent what you are about what would it be and why? Share it in the comments below.

This post (which was  a bit different to usual) is inspired by some information from Chris Brogan and his new weekly newsletter service where he shares some great blog topics, thanks Chris!

image credits from Flickr –

Lighthouse – Tracy_N_Brandon; Yoga pose – Canon in 2D;  Heart – Pooh