Our seven and a half-year roller-coaster ride since Samuel’s accident has had moments of intense highs and intense lows, but there is one constant throughout the whole time……


Jo-ann lives the experience twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with very little down time to help recharge her batteries. I am lucky that I get a change of scenery through going to work, foundation meetings etc etc, but for Jo-ann it is a constant.

I really admire how much Jo-ann has put up with and how she continues to get on with it, no matter how much it hurts her.. and it hurts a LOT ….

She’s been told to check out….

Check out of home that is…

As things have happened for Samuel we have been in regular touch with Bear Cottage and really appreciate their continued help in discussing things with us and it remains a comfort, knowing that they are there to support us and ready to have Samuel and the family back at a moments notice.

In their usual fashion they have made some space available for Samuel and Jo-ann.

Jo-ann and Samuel are checking in…..


Jo-ann and Samuel are checking into Bear Cottage today to give Jo-ann a few days where she really does not have to focus on the needs of the whole family, can leave most of Samuel’s care to the wonderful staff and really concentrate on unwinding and recharging.

Samuel gets a check up

While Jo-ann unwinds, it is also a good opportunity to have a check up on where Samuel is up to.

We see Samuel day in day out, yes we see changes and we notice things, however the Bear Cottage staff will have a few days to watch him, catch up on what is happening for him and assess where they think he is up to. That will be useful to us the staff will have an update appreciation of Samuel’s condition and be more attuned to him when we make those phone calls saying HELP… what do we do now.

The girls get stuck with Dad.

There has to be worse fates…. (but you’ll have to ask the girls what they might be :-] ) but the girls are stuck at home with Dad so they can continue to go to school… might have to come up with a LONG work list them…